Southern Women Loves to Post Themselves in Amateur Porn, But Some Old Fashion Sexy Southern Girl?

The sharing economy has hit the South!

Sharing economy is an umbrella term with a range of meanings, often used to describe economic and social activity involving online transactions. Originally growing out of the open-source community to refer to peer-to-peer based sharing of access to goods and services,[1] the term is now sometimes used in a broader sense to describe any sales transactions that are done via online market places, even ones that are business to consumer (B2C), rather than peer-to-peer. For this reason, the term sharing economy has been criticised as misleading, some arguing that even services that enable peer-to-peer exchange can be primarily profit-driven.[2] However, many commentators assert that the term is still valid as a means of describing a generally more democratized marketplace, even when it’s applied to a broader spectrum of services.

“As the nation’s sexual culture evolved over the last couple of decades, die-hard anti-abortion advocates pressed on.  They became a powerful force at the local and state levels, driven by mean-spirited vengeance, desperate because their influence was waning.  With Trump’s victory, Mike Pence as VP and Republican control of both Houses of Congress, a new round of the culture wars will be launched and the South will likely be a major battleground.

Throughout this period, valiant purity warriors fought on.  Religious stalwarts in Montgomery, AL, Oak Grove, KY, Peoria, IL, and other localities regularly host “purity balls,” annual galas at which fathers escort their virginal daughters to celebrate chastity.  (Such “balls” would not seem out-of-place among patriarchal- and orthodox-religious groups.)  In addition, the Liberty Counsel, of Orlando, FL, promotes “Christian religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, and the traditional family,” and organizes an annual national Day of Purity for teenagers.  Who knows, a Trump administration – along with a Christian Congress — might require purity balls be held in all schools,” writes David Rosen is the author of Sex, Sin & Subversion:  The Transformation of 1950s New York’s Forbidden into America’s New Normal (Skyhorse, 2015).  He can be reached at; check out

Homegrown Video is a San Diego-based amateur porn video production and distribution company founded in 1982.

In 2014, it completed a 6-month, in-house research study of the homemade videos it had received.  Its findings confirmed the findings of the KSU report – sin is thriving in the South. Homegrown reports that 29.6 percent of the submissions came from the South.

While the largest proportion of the submissions came from – as expected — California (20.6%), the share from individual Southern states is revealing, especially the relative proportion (ostensibly) submitted by women:

+ Florida = 10.8%, 63.7% from females;

+ Texas = 6.9%, 57.1% from female;

+ North Carolina, 3.9%, 75% are female;

+ Georgia = 2%, 50% from females.

In addition, Kentucky, Louisiana and West Virginia had only 1 percent each in terms of submissions; in both Kentucky and West Virginia, all submissions were from females.

Amateur pornography is a category of pornography that features models, actors or non-professionals performing without pay, or actors for whom this material is not their only paid modeling work. Reality pornography is professionally made porn which seeks to emulate the style of amateur pornography.[1] Amateur porn has been called one of the most profitable and long-lasting genres of pornography.[2]

Like traditional magazine and VHS/DVD-based pornography, Internet pornography has long been a profitable venture. However, with the rise of Web 2.0 ventures and amateur pornography, websites based upon the YouTube platform of user-generated content and video sharing have become highly popular. By January 2008 a search for “porn” and “tube” returned 8.3 million results on Yahoo and 8.5 million on MSN.[22] (By October 2017 searches for “porn” and “tube” returned 23 million results on Google. By March 2017 searches for “porn” and “tube” returned 1420 million results on GoogleVideo hosting service “tube” websites feature free user-uploaded amateur pornography,[22] and have become the most visited pornography websites on the internet.

Since the content of these websites is entirely free and of reasonably high quality, and because most of the videos are full-length instead of short clips, these websites have sharply cut in to the profits of pornographic paysites and traditional magazine and DVD-based pornography.[22][23] The profits of tube-site owners are also squeezed in an increasingly crowded market, with the number of sites constantly growing.[22]


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