A Few Model Have Made It Big Globally Including Asians & Here Some Who Should Be Big

Fashion is a global business, but the business is dominated by Western countries, and so Western models dominate the global fashion industry. So like in lots of Asian countries, like Thailand for example, there are lots of Russian and Ukraine models working in the Thai fashion industry.

However, like very few Thai models have ever made it globally, and if I am not wrong, there is only one or two, in recent past.

But this race-bias and other bias in the fashion industry is recognized. For Asian model overall, many have made it big globally, in recent past.

CNN (source):

How a small-town girl became China’s first supermodel

Backstage at the Michael Kors show, a strange air of calm hangs over the make-up area. Although security is predictably tight, there is no screaming or high drama.

It’s 7.30 a.m., hours before the show, and the machine is just beginning to mobilize. Liu Wen is an early arrival, quietly sitting in a chair listening to her iPod as a make-up artist begins to apply foundation.

Her cup of coffee and bottle of green tea reveal that even the women dubbed “China’s first supermodel” finds early starts challenging. But there is no trace of fatigue: Her face looks flawless with little make up, and her skin luminous.

“Today I have five shows, so we’ll be running around.” she says smiling. “Yesterday I was really happy because my agent sent me the schedule. I was so excited. I still love it because I love walking the runway.”

At the age of 23, Liu has worked for most of the world’s prestigious fashion houses, and recently ascended into the top tier of models who are recognizable enough to command major fees.

She has also broken molds, becoming the first Asian model named as a global spokesperson for Estee Lauder. With some two million followers on a Mandarin-language version of Twitter, her ability to sell products to the prized Chinese consumer is obvious.


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