How Can You Not Love The Women in Red? Need A Test, Here Some

It is kind of strange when I go out at night for entertainment, most of the women I see at venues like clubs and bars, wear black. Black is, of course, the color of “Power” but black does make women look elegance. So this is strange to me because traditionally, men are into power, so would not women in black, meaning power, be challenging?

And what do women in red mean?

Talking Pot (source):

Symbolism of the Woman in Red

The woman in red represents a more exciting life, she is a distraction but also a false promise of something better. Something more exhilarating. She is an escape from the droll responsibilities of real life. An escape from doing the right thing.

She represents freedom from the harder roads in life one must take.

She represents everything we’ve always been told to want and she can make us believe that having her will make our life better.

But will it?

She is Satan’s secret weapon, representing all your desires for sex, money, power and fame. Through her, you will choose earthly pleasures over heavenly ones (spiritual ones). Through her, Satan will win over your soul. He has her waiting for you at every corner.

Can you learn to refuse her?

‘The woman in red’ is merely the symbolism; an occult symbolism used by the entertainment industry and the media.

The woman in red means something different for each person. It could be a drug, an addiction, a dream, money, desire for something forbidden… some sort of worldly trap that can be placed in front of you, designed to derail you from the path of righteousness.

The entertainment industry has selected the woman in red as a symbolic reference to that trap, basically representing ‘sex’ and ‘temptation’.

Red is the colour of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination, as well as passion, desire and love.



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