Totalitarianism and Boring University Sex Life, But At Least These Students Love Sex

With dictatorships comes authoritarianism and an emphasis on traditional values.

But for the younger people, many of them at University level, it is a time of good times and boyfriends, apart from studying. And so for many Asian, like Thailand’s women students.

And so for many Thai women students, wherein Thailand there is a student uniform code even at university level, large numbers of women university students get very “Creative and Innovative” in how to make themselves sexually attractive, even in university uniforms.

One popular way for a long time, is a shirt so tight, it seems like the buttons on the shirts will burst, and this also means, between the buttons, there is always a large gap, for the guys to see inside their shirts, meaning between these gaps, to like see their breast mounds.

Another popular way, is for their university uniform skirt to be so tight and so short, practically in anything they do, apart from lots and lots of legs exposed, often, one can see their underwear.

However, with the dictatorship and traditional values, being in Thailand for a long time now, the universities have very much “Outlawed” university students from dressing to appeal for sexual pleasure.

For example, the rules mandates women’s university uniform skirt has to be with a length close to the knee level and shirt are loose.



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