Office Love & Sex Can be Hellish…….So Some Say, But These Pictures Say Take the Risk

I swear, my condo is in a building, on a major street, full of office towers. As I walk around, I see so many women, dress so sexually attractive, yet, yes, many at the same very also professionally. And I often wonder, why do they dress so sexually attractive, and the answer I often settled on is to “generate interest in herself by being sexually provocative.”

What does this mean?

Well, us men are advised that no matter how women dress, we still need their permission and consensus, and this is correct and a good idea.

But what if we get their permission and consensus, to have a sexual relationship with them, does having a sexual relationship in a professional environment, let alone, having sex like in the copy room, a good idea?

For example, consider this news (source): An amorous couple drew a crowd of cheering onlookers as they were spotted ‘having sex’ in a central London office. Witnesses were stunned to spot the man and woman locked in a passionate embrace, after-hours, in an office block in Soho. The couple were said to have been intimate for around 20 minutes, before disappearing out of view.

สาบานได้เลย ผมอายุปาเข้าไป ห้าสิบกว่าแล้ว ทำงานมาหลายที่ เท่าที่เห็น สาวๆที่ ใช้ความเซ็กซี่ เพื่อให้ วิชาชีพรุ่ง นั้นมีมากจริงๆ ไม่ต้องอะไร คอนโดผมอยู่อโศก เห็นพนักงานสาวๆแต่ตัว แล้วสงสัยจริงๆ จะสวยหวานเหมือน น้ำผึ้งไปทำงาน เพื่ออะไร ถ้าไม่ใช่เพื่อ เอาใจเจ้านาย และหนุ่มๆในบริษัท แต่มันจะรุ่งจริงได้แค่ไหน เท่าที่ผมเห็น ของมันชอบกันรักกันได้ มันก็เบื่อกันได้ ก็เคยเห็นบ่อยเหมือนกัน พนักงานสาวๆ มาร้องไห้ ให้ฟัง ถูกเจ้านายทิ้ง ไม่รู้จะทำงานต่อในบริษัทยังไง สุดท้ายก็ลาออกไปหางานใหม่ทำ

Office love can be hell…….so some says

jas checked herself over in the mirror, and after biting her lip and staring at the computer screen for what seemed like and eternity she hit the send button. an email giving notice that she was leaving would be in her managers inbox now and also the senior sisters which meant that marie would be reading it very soon. she wondered if marie would get that it was because of her, oh well too damn late to worry about that now. she quickly updated her twitter page status to warn everyone that she was hittin the town with anna and then seein what the time was ran out of her apartment.

the music was pumpin so loud that conversation was pointless, anna had bought so many rounds of chasers that they were both havin trouble remembering their names.

“seriously jaz that girl was hot!! i got 5 how many you got?” anna shouted above the noise, countin the lines on her arm each one symbolising a second base conquest jaz replied laughin “ha i got me 7 lines read them and weep your round” both girls hugged and laughed as anna went to go to the bar. a brunette came and started to grind up jaz while she was dancin to a reggae song, jaz could always attract attention when she danced like this. the brunette must have been about 25 ish was slim and 5″5 very toned but still slightly curvy and was moving just as well as jaz. she slid her hands down jazs waist and jaz turned to face her they stared into eacothers eyes just moving slowly to the music anna waved in the background and winked. jaz leant into the girl and slowly and seductively started to kiss her full on the lips, she traced her kisses along her jawline to her neck and felt the girl moan, jaz was startin to get turned on when she felt a hot hand grip her arm andspin her round, she saw anna push past people to get to her as she was preparing to give a right hook she felt her heart sink to her knees.
what the FUCK are you playing at” it was marie and by the look on her face she was pissed.
“who the fuck are you get your fuckin hand off her ” anna pushed marie shoutin and people startin turnin around to see what was going on. as jaz got over her shock she jumped between marie and anna
“its ok this is marie from work”
“oh so your the bitch who’s screwed her up” anna screamed at marie
“you couldnt keep your mouth shut could you” marie aimed at jaz, jaz grabbed marie and started to pull her outside the pretty brunette had slipped away and jaz said
“anna, anna look at me i got this i am gonna go talk to her ok? i’ll see you later” with that anna nodded and jaz dragged marie into the cool carpark around the back of the club to ensure they would be alone and not cause a scene.

marie started as soon as they were alone “what the fuck, you send me an email to basically say fuck you im off and then brag all over the internet your going out to screw half of the female population, theres me in my office thinkin you are just tryin to prove a point and then your practically fuckin some girl on the dance floor..”

jaz was over her shock now and was just plain pissed off” who the hell do you think you are,you have a wife a fuckin wife you blatently dont want me for anything more than a quick screw and you come here and start screaming at me for tryin to get over you” jaz hadnt meant to say the last part but with tequila in her system she had no control. marie and jaz were practically nose to nose now and both looked ready to kill the other at any second. marie was the first to move she grabbed jaz by her hair and pulled her roughly to her lips extreme anger had turned into extreme desire. jaz responded just as roughly as she pushed marie against a wall and began tearing at her clothes. both women were too desperate for eachother to care that they were in a public car park. both frantically started fingerin eachothers pussy cumming over and over again,
“how could you leave me?” marie whispered huskily and jaz relised they were both cryin not just in pleasure but in pain too.
“becuase im crazy about you and it hurts me i want all or nothin”jaz replied in between moanin at yet another orgasm
“i left her 2 weeks ago” at this point both women panting out of breath and exhausted from cummin so fast stopped and stepped away from eachother jaz zipped her jeans back up and sank to the floor as she regained her strength.
“i cant take the mind games anymore marie be honest what do you want from me”

marie took a deep breath in, “i left her 2 weeks ago i was makin sure what i felt for you was returned, i fell for you the first day we met, i was about to call you from work when i got that email and then the god damn twitter thing i saw red when you were dancin with that girl” marie stopped and stared at jaz “come home with me and dont ever leave i cant breath when i am not around you”

jaz looked at marie and the normal strong vibrant woman was showin her vulnerable side jaz thought she had loved her before but seein her like this she fell for her all over again…

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