Chicks that can not keep their legs right & proper

I was on a bus to Thailand’s beach resort, Hua Hin, once, and took the bus. A chick came to sit next to me on the bus and we started talking. Before you know it, we were kissing and I was fingering her and she was jerking me off. Our legs were all over the place. Well, this is not a Western country where a little sex on the bus is OK. This is conservative and strict Thailand. And while the girl and me, so hot, enough to brush aside some of the passengers that noticed, it was still risky. But we took the chance. It was hours of forepley and building to orgasm. But as we were really close to hitting our orgasm, the bus came to a stop, by a police car that forced the us to stop. If you know Thailand, this practically never happen. So I was in shocked, 100% sure, a passenger called 911 and reported my bus sex. Form heaven, it went to hell in seconds. Well, it was not my sex on the bus, that the police stopped the bus, but because the storage of the bus was loose and baggage were falling off the bus. Thank god.




















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