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I get threats once in a while from people, both Thai and foreigners who buys deeply into the elite establishment way of thinking, and the result is usually not pretty, as I get threaten with dedicated blogs to trash me, sending over someone to beat me up, take me to court and sue me, and well u get the drift. Just to let you know, the 2006 coup government sent someone to beat me up and I have already spent time in jail, not meaning I am a tough wise guy, but that not a great deal is new to me. If you come as a friend, welcome. If you come as an enemy, please, pick on someone else.

My e-mail is terencejames1959@gmail.com

  • My Career

I have been a journalist for most of my life, at places like the Bangkok Post, Asia Times, Business Day and Bangkok Biz News and CIO Forum, covering money, national security and technology. I have also ventured away from journalism, to work for Ogilvy PR, Stock Exchange of Thailand, Securities One Research Institute, and other Blue Chip places like that, but that did not last. I also have experience with the NYSE, as a manager of a private investment fund, worth about US$ 3 million. I was also involved in real estate development in the rich district of Marin County, California, USA.

  • My Positions

I am a supporter the Thai Red Shirts Movement, where that movement is mostly about Democracy, Liberty and Justice. These are values that I am committed to. On economic, I identify myself with Joseph Schumpeter and on politics, Social Democrat. On Thai politics, this blog supports Thaksin and Yingluck visions, with some serious reservations.

I was a well-known Democratic Activist that most Thai politician knew, but even that being many years ago; I have a reputation in Thailand. I am the writer and editor of Thai Intelligence News Blog, Thai News Break, ASEAN Economist Blog and a few others. The blogs are not very popular generally, followed mostly by a few 100s avid followers, sort of like a cult. Some people in Bangkok say I am close to the CIA, and so many do not read my blogs, believing I am the voice of the CIA in Thailand.

  • Glory Days

However, it is true that I am in contact with the CIA. I have also been interview by Janes Defense, Economist Intelligence Unit, the BBC and a few wire services, during the height of the Thai crisis and other. I was mentioned in the book, Thaksin: 24 Hours after the Coup, and last checked, was quoted in the Wikipedia on the 2006 Thai coup. I was also mentioned by the former Thai PM, Samak Sunthornvej, as an excellent political writer, as I had a famous Thai language website, Thai Journalist Democratic Front.com. The blog was hit and lost. I also served the Thai parliament as an adviser on an International Trade committee.

  • Copy Rights:

I cut and paste a great deal and have been told it violated others copy right, and thus, there have been many request for me to erase these other people’s content. Thai Intel Group of Blogs, however, is non profit and mostly academic. We accept no advertisement. Therefore, we cut and paste. However, please inform me if it violates your copy right.

On my content, please feel free to use it, but just please mention the source. The only copy right is with my novel, House of Four Cracked Doors.

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